brand-awareness-and-strategy2Brand Awareness & Strategy

Without brand awareness people will think your product is the same as everyone else’s (parity). Price will be the important factor in their purchase decision making. That’s assuming they know you exist. Investing in brand awareness is one of the most important facets of business building.  New potential customers move into your market, young adults graduate from college and enter the workforce.  Brand building messages should be consistent. We understand that you need to make sales while you build or change it. 


Creative Design and DevelopmentCreative Design & Development

Creative has to start or match consumer’s needs and/or desire(s).  Great creative consultants come from both sides of the fence concerning 1) tell them what you do with some detail and 2) creatively show them what you do. We’ve had successful campaigns with both. Words we like for creativity are “unusual, fluid, demonstrating, emotional, memorable, and original”. We need to determine the best methods to show your product or services (demonstration, visual, audio, emotional etc) and then we can choose the best creative path for you.


media-planningMedia Planning and/or Buying

 If you increase the amount of ads you receive for your budget then your chance of success grows more than proportionately. Lack of proper frequency is the largest advertising mistake businesses make. Hands down, its better to reach 1000 people 10 times than 10,000 people one time. We endeavor to design a plan that reaches your customers in the most cost effective manner possible. We’ll make sure you obtain the right frequency to move targeted customers.  


online-marketingOnline Marketing

Online marketing is the way of the future. Campaigns can be extremely affordable and tests can be implemented better and cheaper than any time in history. We were contacted from a national account for a 5-cent click and got the business. There are thousands of demographic and psycho-graphic categories to target. And the best possible geographic targeting makes online marketing better and highly cost effective. We still need to cross platforms to brand build but online can really show us how well we are doing and bring in customers.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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